Google is working on a new ‘tab grouping’ feature for Chrome

Developers referenced the feature in a Chromium Gerrit request and bug report

Google Chrome

If you find yourself continually drowning in web browser tabs, Google may have a solution in the works.

According to a new Chromium Gerrit post, along with a recent bug entry, Google appears to be working on a ‘tab grouping’ feature for Chrome.

Chromium Gerrit, a web-based collaboration tool for Chrome developers, saw a recent request for a new Chrome flag. Chrome uses flags to enable and disable various settings options. The requested flag was for a tab groups feature.

While the Gerrit request didn’t include any further information about what the tab groups could be, a bug entry described the new feature. According to the bug entry, “users can organize tabs into visually distinct groups.”

The entry suggests users could separate tabs associated with different tasks.

Additionally, the bug report mentions a design document, but the link is inaccessible at this time.

Unfortunately, that means we can’t get an early look at how this feature may look.

That said, the feature does sound similar to Microsoft’s ‘Sets’ feature, which allows users to add several different apps to one window and tab between them. Tab groups could look similar.

Source: Chromium Gerrit, Chromium Bugs Via: Android Police, Chrome Story