Elon Musk promises larger Supercharger network in “all active markets”

Tesla is still trying to make Superchargers as common as gas stations

TESLA supercharger

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to inform the public that the company is expanding its Supercharger network and launching a new, third generation charger next year.

Musk says that the expanded network will be “within range of 95 to 100 percent of the population in all active markets.” This is a bold claim, especially in Canada where Supercharger support is still mostly tied to major cities close to the southern border with the U.S.

There are roughly 53 Supercharger stations across Canada as of November 20th, 2018. Tesla’s online map shows 72 more perspective locations.

These planned locations have been on the map for a while, so it’s currently unclear if they’ll be generation two or three chargers when they’re finally built. There are no chargers north of Edmonton, and only a few as far north as that. The east coast is also underserved.

Worldwide, there are 1,375 stations. Tesla opened 44 new ones this past third quarter, according to CNET

It would be great for there to be more Superchargers within range of more people since it would remove some of the stress of losing charge on a long drive, but since it’s taken Tesla so long to roll out its current supercharger network it would take a huge push to expand it to reach a minimum of 95 percent of Canadians.

In the same thread, Musk said Tesla will begin rolling out Supercharger V3 starting next year. They’ll be able to charge the company’s vehicles much faster.

Tesla’s existing superchargers typically charge a vehicle in about an hour and a half and it costs between $24 USD (roughly, $32CAD) to $27 USD (roughly, $36 CAD) to fill from empty to give you 500km of range depending on the charger’s location and the model of Tesla.

Source: Twitter Via: CNET

Update 20/11/2018: This article was updated to fix a pricing error in the average cost of using a Supercharger.