Videotron’s Fizz Mobile offering $37/8GB, $32/4GB, $17/2GB intro pricing

The base $17 plan appears to be a relatively low-cost, data-only plan

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Quebec-based mid-range Videotron flanker brand Fizz Mobile has formally launched its introductory prices, offering customers an relatively affordable low-cost, data-only option as well.

According to Fizz Mobile’s website, subscribers can now customize three base plans ranging in monthly data allotments, as well as calling and text messaging options.

The carrier’s most expensive plan offers 8GB of data, as well as unlimited Quebec-wide calling and text messaging for $37-per-month.

For $32-per-month, subscribers can receive 4GB of data, as well as unlimited Quebec-wide calling and text messaging.

Finally, the carrier’s Quebec-wide 2GB data-only plan costs $17-per-month. While this is a data-only plan, Fizz Mobile doesn’t charge subscribers for incoming text messages.

Each plan comes with call display, call waiting, conference calling and call forwarding. Voicemail appears to cost $2 extra.

For the curious, Fizz Mobile’s most expensive introductory Quebec-wide, data-only plan costs $58-per-month and offers 20GB of data.

The carrier’s most expensive Canada-wide introductory plan provides 20GB of data, unlimited text messaging and calling, as well as voicemail for $69-per-month.

Finally, the carrier’s most expensive introductory plan, without additional long distance calling, costs $75-per-month and comes with 20GB of data, unlimited Canada and U.S.-wide calling and text messaging, as well as voicemail.

It’s worth noting that these are introductory prices and the carrier provides information regarding the actual prices of these plans once Fizz Mobile formally launches.

The carrier’s 2GB, Quebec-wide, data-only plan will cost $21-per-month; the Quebec-wide 4GB plan with unlimited text messaging and calling will cost $40-per-month; while the Quebec-wide 8GB plan with unlimited text messaging and calling will cost $46-per-month.

Still, even if subscribers choose to opt for Fizz Mobile’s Canada-wide coverage, the flanker brand’s pricing is more affordable than its parent company.

Videotron’s basic 2GB plan with Canada-wide unlimited calling and texting costs $48.95-per-month, while Fizz Mobile’s 2GB plan with Canada-wide unlimited talk-and-text currently costs $27-per-month and will cost $33-per-month at launch.

Unlike almost every other carrier in Canada, Fizz Mobile also provides subscribers with the ability to rollover unused monthly data, which will be consumed before monthly data allotments.

The carrier provides LTE coverage in Quebec, as well as most parts of Ottawa.

Source: Fizz Mobile