Fix for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera issue is on the way

Note 9 camera update

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s camera is experiencing a freezing issue, according to various reports.

However, Samsung has already confirmed a fix is on the way, as first reported by to SamMobile.

The promise of a fix comes from a moderator in the U.S. Samsung moderator forum. “Our specialists have given us the directive that an update is coming out to fix this issue specifically. However, due to us being unable to speculate on the release of future updates, I don’t have an exact date for when to expect this.”

The concern causes the camera app to freeze for a short while after taking pictures and even longer when shooting video.

This freezing issue only affects the Qualcomm processor version of the Galaxy Note 9, which is the iteration of the device available in the Canadian market.

According to SamMobile, some users have experienced the concern for the past few months.

For anyone currently experiencing the issue and waiting for a fix, clearing the system partition cache should temporarily solve the problem, according to some users on Samsung’s U.S. community forum.

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