Canadian-based Evolved Vehicle Environments is making Teslas smarter

This Ottawa-based company is looking to make cars a lot smarter

Car technology is making leaps and bounds every day, but a Canadian company called Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE) is trying to make cars even smarter.

EVE’s calls its product ‘Connect’ and it looks to make your car act more like a smart home controller.

Connect integrates with seven top smart home platforms like Wink, Nest, SmartThings, Bosch, Home-Connect and Insteon. EVE says that means that it works with more than 400 devices.

The idea behind the platform is for your car to know when you’re getting close to home and then automatically set the temperature, open the garage door and turn on the lights for example.

Users can use the system with their online calendar, email, notes, an RSS reader and more, which doesn’t sound particularly safe to me, but once self-driving technology takes off it will be a lot more useful.

So far EVE has only partnered with Subaru and Tesla, but it hopes to expand to more manufacturers.

Source: EVE