Google’s new Pixel 3 ad says ditch the camera flash for Night Sight

"Lose the flash, not the moment"

Google dropped a new Pixel 3 ad, this time focussed on its new Night Sight feature.

The ad plays up the disadvantages of using the flash, showing several photos where the subjects squint at the flash and other instances where the flash ruins the picture.

Instead, Google suggests you use Night Sight, which does away with all the problems of flash and often produces better results.

About partway through the ad, a tagline says “Lose the flash, not the moment.” The ad switches from pictures with flash to images without.

For those who’ve used Night Sight, you already know that it works almost like magic. It turns plenty of pictures that used to be too dark into stunning photos.

Overall, I’d say that the ad is probably one of the better ones Google has put out. The company doesn’t always do the best job when it comes to accurate advertising, but in the case of Night Sight, I think the feature holds up.

You can see the ad on ‘Made by Google’ YouTube channel, or in the embed above.