Apple will stop offering $35 battery replacements by January 1st, 2019

There's not much time left to get a cheap battery replacement

Since the start of 2017, certain Apple smartphones, including the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, have been eligible for a battery replacement that costs $35 CAD. That discount ends later this year.

Once the program ends, iPhone owners have to pay between $99 to $105 CAD to replace their smartphone’s battery at an Apple Store.

If you want to take advantage of the replacement program while the price is still at $35 CAD, you can sign up for a Genius Bar appointment through the Apple Store app, online through Apple Support or by calling Apple at 1-800-263-3394.

If your phone is operating slowly, there’s a chance that a new battery could solve that problem. 

$35 battery replacements came out of the iPhone throttling controversy that sprang up earlier this year.

To go directly to the battery replacement page click here to sign up online.

Source: Apple Insider