LG’s mobile division gets a new boss

LG hopes its new mobile chief will be able to catch lightning in a bottle twice

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After seven consecutive quarters of operating losses, LG is reorganizing its mobile division.

Starting next month, Brian Kwon, the current president of LG’s home entertainment division, will take over operations of the company’s mobile unit from current head Jeong-hawn Hwang. Hwang, meanwhile, will head up LG’s Convergence Business Development Office. At the same time, Kwon will continue overseeing LG’s home entertainment division.

“Mr. Kwon played a critical role in transforming LG’s TV, audio and PC business into category leaders,” LG said in a November 28th press release. “His knowledge and experience in the global marketplace will be instrumental in continuing LG’s mobile operations turnaround.”

As an additional part of the organization, LG Electronics CEO Seong-jin Jo will hand over part of his day-to-day responsibilities to president and CFO David Jung. Moving forward, Jung will oversee operations at all of LG’s Korean facilities, as well as manage functions like corporate security and communications.

Source: LG