Google is fixing a bug that caused end of call tones to play loudly

Google Phone dark mode

Android is a relatively large system, and as such, it can be hard to find and fix all the bugs.

Thankfully, Google has finally fixed a longstanding bug related to the loud end call beep on some phones, including Pixel 2 and 3 devices.

According to an Issue Tracker thread for the issue, the development team fixed the bug and added the fix to the next build. That means the problem should be resolved in the next update.

Further, the update will also allow users to silence the end of call tone by putting the phone in silent mode.

Despite the impending fix, some users want more. Namely, a settings option to toggle or adjust the end call tone volume.

I tend to agree with those users, as it seems overboard to silence the whole phone just for one sound.

Regardless, at least Google has fixed the issue. Now, users can hang up calls without hurting their ears.

With the next version of Android, users will be able to answer calls without hurting their ears as well. One of the first uncovered features of Android Q is a system to reduce ringtone volume when the phone is held up to your ear.

Source: Google Issue Tracker Via: XDA Developers