Fizz Mobile seemingly unsubscribing users by accident

The new carrier seems like it needs to iron out some issues with its customer service team

Fizz Mobile trying to fix bug

A user on the Fizz Mobile Subreddit opened a thread to discuss how the carrier unsubscribed their plan from the Fizz network for no apparent reason.

A user with the handle Ottawa123456789 started the thread by posting an email screenshot that says “Is this goodbye? You’ve successfully unsubscribed from Fizz.”

Fizz deactivated my line! from r/FizzMobile

The user claims that they had a customer service ticket open for a voicemail issue, so there is speculation that the line was deactivated by an employee who was trying to fix the voicemail.

The user is in contact with the company’s head office in Montreal and it re-added the line. The user’s main worry is that all of the referral credits and benefits they’ve accrued will be lost.

In the comments, numerous other Fizz subscribers are following up with Fizz stories of their own. Although, most users are just wishing Ottawa123456789 luck since none of them have had good experiences with Fizz’s support team.

Fizz Mobile is a Videotron-owned carrier that was unveiled in September 2018. The carrier’s plans are still in beta for mobile phones in Ottawa and Quebec. In the beta, subscribers were given better plan pricing which they’ll be allowed to keep once the beta ends, so losing the beta pricing could be a real loss.

Source: Reddit