Indie darling Firewatch heading to the Nintendo Switch on December 17th

Players can take the remote Montana wilderness with them on December 17th

Video game studio Campo Santo has announced that its hit game Firewatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch on December 17th.

Firewatch is an adventure mystery game where players take the role of a man stationed in a fire watch tower and his only form of communication is with another fire watch tower employee miles away. When the game launched in 2016 it garnered critical praise for its characters and stylized art design.

Firewatch is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 17th! We’ll be in the Americas, Europe, Australia, and Japan eShops. pic.twitter.com/BJvPnTd4KU

The game is mostly the same as it was on the other platforms it released on, but this time players will get a “few tiny things thrown in,” according to Engadget’s report.

The Campo Santo team mentions on Twitter that Firewtch for the Switch will be same price as on other consoles, which means it will cost somewhere around $20 CAD.

Source: Twitter, Engadget