Skype offers real-time captions during calls, feature coming to PowerPoint

Skype to offer real-time captions

Microsoft has announced Skype will soon get call captioning with live captions and subtitles.

The company says that the new feature now works on the latest version of Skype and that “the live captions and subtitles feature provides a more inclusive experience for everyone in the Skype community, especially for people who are deaf or hard of hearing,” according to a recent blog post.

Further, the blog post said the captions are “optimized to be fast, continuous, and contextually updated as people speak.”

Microsoft also added that translations to support over 20 languages will be released in the coming weeks.

Users can turn the setting on or off in the call section under settings.

9to5Mac reports that real-time captions are generated by artificial intelligence and the same feature will come to PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft says that the feature was launched on Skype to celebrate the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Image credit: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft Via: 9to5Mac