Spotify testing new features, including importing locally stored music

There's also work on a new podcast screen and 'Save for later' feature

Spotify may be testing some new features, including support for importing local songs to the Android app.

According to a series of tweets from Jane Manchun Wong — who often leaks new features — revealed several of the ‘experimental’ new features.


First and foremost was the ability to import local songs to your Spotify library. For users that have a collection of music not on the streaming platform, this feature would bring a lot of convenience to Spotify as they wouldn’t have to rely on other apps for local music.

Further, Wong tweeted that Spotify is testing a ‘Saved for later’ feature for podcast episodes. This would let users save episodes for another time.

It also appears the company is working on decluttering the podcast episodes menu. Wong’s tweets show a separate podcast screen for episode descriptions.

Finally, there’s a reworked Library view in testing. The view would create an automatic playlist out of your favourite songs.

Ultimately, while it would be nice to have these new features, there’s no guarantee they’ll ever make it to a full release. Further, some features like local uploads would probably only see an Android release.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong (@wongmjane), 2, 3, 4 Via: Engadget