Spotify sending subscribers personalized playlists to recap 2018

Spotify's recap for 2018 is all about what you listened to

As 2018 draws to a close, music streaming service Spotify is sending users a personalized playlist called ‘Your Top Songs 2018’ that’s packed with the subscriber’s 100 most listened to songs of the year.

The playlist is part of the company’s ‘Your 2018 Wrapped’ marketing push which includes playlists like ‘Taste Breakers’ to get users ready for what artists might be popular in 2019.

Premium users can visit the Spotify Wrapped website to browse through their 2018 listening statistics.

The website takes you back to the beginning of the year by showing you the first song you listened to, as well as the first artist you discovered.

After this, it shows you how much music you’ve listened to throughout the year in minutes, so prepared to be shocked by a rather large number if you’re a Spotify user.

It then displays how many hours you spent listening to your top artist. Following that, Spotify treats its users to three lists: one for your top artists, another for top songs and the final one is a list of top genres.

The next page details your favourite musical sub-genre, and how many other users on Spotify also have it as their favourite too.

The final two stats share what the oldest song you listened to throughout the year was and which zodiac sign most of your artists fall under.

Source: Spotify