Cineplex Mobile iOS app adds Apple Wallet ticketing functionality

You can now show your movie tickets right from your iPhone's lock screen

Cineplex app on iPhone

Movie theatre chain Cineplex has updated its iOS mobile app to include support for digital movie tickets in Apple Wallet.

As part of version 7.1.0 of the Cineplex iOS app, users can now save their movie tickets to Apple Wallet and access them right from their phone’s lock screen.


Cineplex transitioned to in-app digital movie tickets in October, although no option was available for Apple Wallet. However, Apple Wallet functionality was offered several months ago when users still needed to print movie tickets in-theatre.

According to the update notes, Version 7.1.0 doesn’t bring anything other new features to the Cineplex Mobile app.

However, the October update added the ability to order food and drinks through the Cineplex Mobile app while dining at VIP theatres.