Instagram users posted 14 billion heart emojis in 2018

People loved to use the heart emoji on Instagram this year

Instagram iOS app on phone

Social media platform Instagram has grown into more than just a photo sharing network over the past few years, which is evident by the full range of topics and trends that swept through the app in 2018.

Love was a big topic for Instagram this year, with the heart emoji being used 14 billion times in comments. The Heart Love GIF was the most popular Giphy image used in Stories, and the Heart Eyes was the most used face filter.

The top niche community of the year is ASMR, which stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. ASMR videos are typically recorded using a sensitive microphone, resulting in a weirdly calming sensation

Soap cutting, slime popping and makeup shaving have also all risen in popularity throughout 2018.

#Fortnite exploded in 2018 making it the fastest growing hashtag of the year. Instagram is highlighting the #inmyfeelingschallenge, which started on the platform and grew into 2018’s biggest viral dance.

The social network also highlighted the social advocacy performed on its platform. Throughout the year #metoo was used 1.5 million times, #timesup was used 597,000 times and #marchforourlives was posted 526,000 times.