MobileSyrup’s holiday gift guides roundup [2018 Edition]

The comprehensive guide to buying gifts for the nerds in your life

MobileSyrup has put out seven gift guides this year to help make it easier for our readers to buy gifts for all of the nerds in their life.

The guides range from laptops, phones, toys and accessories for everything.

Smart home guide 

We’ve packed the smart home guide with all kinds of intelligent home gadgets, ranging from connected plugs to the best smart speakers you should buy.

To visit the smart home guide, click here


For our smartphone guide, we’ve hand-picked an array of phones from 2018 that we think will make the journey into 2019 and still hold up as great phones.

To read the smartphone guide, click here.

Smartphone accessories

Even if the person you’re buying for hasn’t got a new phone, there are still plenty of ways to spice up an old device, and we’ve covered most of them in our smartphone accessory guide.

To browse the smartphone accessory guide, click here. 

Laptops and tablets

Laptops are hard to buy since everyone has different needs and tastes. MobileSyrup added a wide range of products to this list to try and make sure there’s something in this guide for everyone.

To see if any of the computers appeal to you check out the laptop and tablet guide here.

Laptop and tablet accessories

Every computer or laptop isn’t complete without the right accessories to take it to the next level. In this guide, we’ve got items ranging from SSDs to options for organizing cables.

To read the PC accessory guide, click here. 

Wearables and audio

Everyone needs a good pair of wireless headphones or a good wireless speaker as more and more devices drop the headphone jack. There are even a few cool smartwatches and fitness trackers added in for people who are looking for some good wearable options.

Browse the audio and wearables guide, here.

Toys and games

The final MobileSyrup guide is the most fun since it’s packed with the best tech toys and random items that are a blast to use. If you’re looking for drones or electric scooters, this is the place to look.

Read the toys and games list here.