You can now send calendar files through Android Messages

Android Messages app icon

If you’ve ever wanted to share a calendar event over text message, now you can.

Android Messages update 3.9.039 brings calendar sharing functionality to Google’s popular SMS app.

However, you can’t share a file from within the app. Instead, users have to find a calendar file with a file manager and share it from the file manager. Messages will pop-up as an option in the sharing menu.

You can then send the ‘.ics’ calendar file via an MMS message.

While some may question that usefulness of such a feature — especially given the prevalence of apps like Google Calendar — the ability to text calendar files could prove exceedingly helpful for some niche cases.

For example, some businesses still send calendar files to customers so they can add appointments to their calendar. Providing the ability to do that using Android Messages could be helpful for those cases.

That said, it’s kind of odd that there’s no way to leverage this new feature with Google Calendar. Sure, you can invite people to an event in Google Calendar, but you can’t share an event with someone over text.

Perhaps that feature will come as part of a future Google Calendar release.

To send calendar files, you’ll need to update Android Messages from the Google Play Store.

Source: Android Police