SnoHub snow clearing service makes its way north to Calgary

The free Uber-like app makes it easy to order or provide snow clearing services

SnoHub app

Consumer technology company SnoHub is bringing its snow removal service to Calgary, Canada.

The service, which is currently available in 19 states and 31 markets in the U.S., is now in Canada for the first time. SnoHub brings a seamless booking process, secure mobile payments and more.

The service relies on a backend system that monitors and measures customer demand and contractor capacity. This ensures better management of demand and, ultimately, a better user experience.

Customers will receive a notification immediately after booking service through the mobile app. Users can click through to see arrival times and even view the SnoHub truck’s route in real-time. Additionally, SnoHub contractors will provide customers with before and after photos of requested snow removal services.

Further, the SnoHub app makes it easier for contractors to join the service. Initially, the company plans to partner with 1,000 new independent snow removal contractors in Calgary.

Joining SnoHub is simple. Contractors can join through the ‘Contractor’ section of the app and enter some basic information such as a driver’s license, insurance, and other relevant details.

Once on board, contractors can accept jobs through the app, proceed to the job, take ‘before’ photos, complete the ordered services and take after pictures.

SnoHub is available for free through the App Store and Play Store. Services start as low as $30, depending on the region and the amount of snow.

Source: SnoHub