Twitter is bringing back reverse-chronological feed option to users

It's 'Sparkle' time


A new in-app option is set to bring the reverse-chronological feed back to Twitter, according to the company.

This change comes following Twitter switching from a standard reverse-chronological feed to a ranked timeline roughly four years ago in an effort to increase usage on the platform. Most Twitter users took issue with this shift as the social media platform is often best used to follow along with live events like the Oscars or the Olympics.

In order to access the reverse-chronological setting, users will need to tap a collection of small stars near the top left corner of the app that Twitter called the ‘Sparkle’ setting — yes, according to The Verge, that really is what Twitter is calling this new options pane.

If you frequently tap this ‘Sparkle’ button when using Twitter, the app will learn that you prefer the reverse-chronological timeline over a ranked feed. Previously the Twitter app randomly switched back to a ranked timeline.

Twitter says that the new ‘Sparkle’ reverse-chronological timeline is rolling out now on iOS and will launch on other platforms in the near future.

The feature has yet to make its way to the Twitter app on my iPhone XS Max.

Source: Twitter Via: The Verge