Apple alters App Store guidelines to allow gifting of in-app purchases

Apple App Store

Following a change in the App Store’s Review Guidelines, iOS developers can now implement gifting of in-app purchases within their apps.

The tweak, first spotted by MacRumors, was pushed through by Apple on Wednesday.

“Apps may enable gifting of items that are eligible for in-app purchase to others,” writes the company in the updated guidelines. “Such gifts may only be refunded to the original purchaser and may not be exchanged.”

Previously, the company did not allow the gifting of in-app purchases to other users. “Apps should not directly or indirectly enable gifting of in-app purchase content, features, or consumable items to others,” Apple wrote at the time.

The tech giant hasn’t detailed how developers should implement the new functionality within their apps, nor has it introduced an interface for the gifting of in-app purchases.

In the App Store, it’s currently possible to gift an app to another user by tapping the three dots icon next to the app’s price and selecting the “Gift App” option from the menu.

At WWDC 2017, Apple announced that third-party developers had earned more than $70 billion USD since the launch of the App Store back in 2008. The introduction of additional gifting options will likely push App Store revenue even higher.

Source: MacRumors