Microsoft’s 343 Industries partners with Limbitless to provide Halo-themed prosthetics

343 Industries, the Microsoft-owned developer of the Halo gaming franchise, has partnered with Orlando, Florida-based non-profit Limbitless on the production of Halo-themed, 3D-printed prosthetics.

Since 2014, Limbitless has been working to offer free, functional and cost-effective prosthetics ‘Bionic Arms’ for people with missing limbs. Through the 343 partnership, Limbitless will provide 3D-printed prosthetics based on Halo protagonist Master Chief’s iconic armour to those in need.

Starting in 2019, Limbitless will offer a green prosthetic inspired by Master Chief’s Mk. VI armour, as well as a blue one based on the “multiplayer” variant of his Mjolnir armour.

More information on Limbitless can be found here.

Source: 343 Industries