Free public Wi-Fi is coming to Queen Street West from Simcoe to Bathurst

WiFi symbol, iOS

The Queen Street West Business Improvement Association (BIA) has announced that it’s bringing free public Wi-Fi to the area to meet the growing demands of visitors and businesses.

The network will extend from Simcoe Street to Bathurst Street along Queen Street West. The Wi-Fi network is currently scheduled to go live in early 2019.

The Queen Street West Wi-Fi project will be the longest stretch of free public Wi-Fi in Ontario. Besify, a company that provides Wi-Fi hotspots in the Toronto area, will build out and manage the network.

According to the organization’s press release, the BIA predicts that the project will raise the profile of events planned for 2019. The free Wi-Fi should also bolster traffic on the street.

“Queen Street West is always thinking progressively, and we are confident that by delivering dedicated free access Wi-Fi, we will be boosting the shopping and hospitality experience for all our customers and visitors. We are also fulfilling a promise to the businesses that line our street to provide them with robust and modern tools to conduct business and to enhance customer service,” said Shamez Amlani, chair of the Queen Street West BIA in a press release.

Moving forward, hopefully more organizations across Canada take a page from the Queen Street BIA and build out public Wi-Fi in their neighbourhoods.