Rogers launches improved wireless service in select B.C. and Saskatchewan communities

Burnaby Lake, B.C. and Stonebridge, Saskatchewan residents will see improved network speeds and reliability

Rogers and Fido customers in several regions across British Columbia and Saskatchewan will soon enjoy faster, more reliable connections.

The telecom is working to upgrade and improve its wireless infrastructure in Burnaby Lake, B.C. and Saskatoon.

In Burnaby Lake, Rogers has specifically improved wireless service at the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex, as well as along a portion of the lake itself.

Rogers and Fido customers will experience faster, more reliable and consistent wireless service in those areas.

In Saskatoon, Rogers has improved service in the Stonebridge neighbourhood.

These improvements follow other investments Rogers has made to improve network quality and access, as well as add new features to its network.

Recently, Rogers and SSi partnered to improve LTE in Canada’s north. Additionally, Rogers recently announced plans to launch an LTE-M network for IoT devices.

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