Canadian federal government submitted 72 Apple data requests between January and July 2018

Apple turned over information to the federal government 65 times

Cupertino computing giant Apple received 72 requests for customer data from the Canadian federal government between January 2018 and June 2018.

According to Apple’s latest transparency report, the company turned over data 65 times.

Apple received 15 device data requests, 18 financial identifier requests, 15 account data request and 24 requests for data.

Apple’s ‘Privacy’ webpage provides further details about account requests and emergency requests.

According to Cupertino, account requests are “based on account identifiers such as an Apple ID or email address.”

“Account requests generally seek information regarding customers’ Apple ID accounts, such as account holder name and address and account connections to Apple services – for example, law enforcement investigations where an account may have been used unlawfully,” reads an excerpt from Apple’s website.

“Account requests may also seek customers’ content data, such as photos, email, iOS device backups, contacts or calendars.”

Emergency requests pertain to circumstances in which there’s “imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to any person, and generally seek information regarding customers’ connections to Apple services — for example, instances where law enforcement believe a person is missing and in danger.”

Apple also reported that the federal government asked the company 11 times to preserve accounts a total of 20 accounts. Apple preserved the data of 18 of those 20 accounts.

Additionally, Apple specified that a spike in iTunes gift card and credit card fraud investigations led to a high number of financial identifier requests.

According to TechCrunch, this is the first year that Apple has decided to release both a traditional PDF report, as well as a browser- and user-friendly web report.

Source: Apple