Microsoft chief product officer says Surface is here for the long haul

Panos Panay also talks future products and how it feels to be part of the world's most valuable company

Surface Laptop

Microsoft’s chief product officer, Panos Panay, says that the Surface line is a “core part” of how Microsoft builds products.

Panay sat down with the Independent for an interview, where he talked about the Surface, the future and Microsoft’s new position as the world’s most valuable company.

Regarding the Surface line, Panay said it will be around for the long haul. He also indicated the company was all-in on Surface.

“I think if you asked me five years ago, we were still learning,” Panay said.

“We were still trying to figure out what hardware should do to bring software to life. But now it’s not just a core part of the strategy.”

When asked about Microsoft’s failed efforts in smartphones, Panay acknowledged that Lumia was a challenge. However, he also said Microsoft learned valuable lessons from that failure, which it brought forward.

Further, Panay talked briefly about future products, although he didn’t go into specifics.

“Are we completing experiences for people at work and at home? The answer is yes. So will you see new form factors that can do that, or need to do that? The answer is absolutely.”

Finally, Panay spoke briefly about the “cool factor” that comes with being part of the world’s most valuable company.

“I’ll be honest with you, it feels good. But it’s also quite humbling,” Panay said.

“We believe we’re making a difference. We have a team and a company that is inspired. And we’re not slowing down. I feel that as a company, we’re just hitting our stride in a big way. We’ll keep pushing.”

Source: The Independent Via: Windows Central