Facebook least trusted social media site: PC Mag survey

Others that made the list include Twitter, Amazon and Lyft

Facebook app

With a year filled with scandals, including Cambridge Analytica, it’s no surprise that PC Mag’s latest survey found 40 percent of people trust Facebook the least compared to other social media websites.

PC Mag surveyed 1,000 people earlier this month with the help of research company Toluna and found that people have a deep mistrust for the social media giant.

The publication reported that the mistrust came from various data leaks, privacy scandals, and how CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg have dealt with these issues.

Twitter and Amazon tied with only eight percent of people having no trust in the companies.

The list includes Uber (seven percent), Google (six percent), Lyft (six percent), Snap (four percent), Apple (four percent), Microsoft (two percent), Netflix (one percent), and Tesla (one percent).

Source: PC Mag