Manitoba RCMP warn of sophisticated Amazon phishing scam

The scam uses a fake order details email to obtain login credentials

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The RCMP in Manitoba is warning people to be aware of a sophisticated Amazon phishing scam.

The scam, according to a tweet from the RCMP, masquerades as a compelling Amazon delivery email. It’s a faithful recreation and at first glance, looks normal.

However, when you click through to view your order details, the email sends you to a fake Amazon sign-in page.


The RCMP also warned in the tweet that logging into the fake page could provide scammers with login credentials as well as credit card information.

The easiest way to detect the scam is by looking at the URL bar. The suspicious URL is clearly not an Amazon URL.

Further, upon closer inspection, the email has several typos and other issues that indicate it’s fake.

For ultimate safety, you should avoid clicking through on any email. Instead, navigate to the website yourself to avoid landing on a fake page.

Source: Twitter


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