Samsung rolls out Android 9 beta with touchscreen fixes for Note 9

Samsung is getting its second phone from 2018 ready for One UI

Korean electronics giant Samsung is rolling out the latest version of its One UI beta to Note 9 devices with a handful of bug fixes.

Samsung is working on bringing its Android 9-based ‘One UI’ to all of its major 2018 flagship devices, including the ever-popular Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung brought One UI to the Galaxy S9 series of devices on December 24th, but hasn’t done the same for its latest flagship, the Note 9.

The Note 9 joined the One UI beta on December 4th, and since then it has been steadily getting smaller updates, like today’s touchscreen fix.

The beta is software version number N960FXXU2ZRLT, according to 9to5Google.

It focuses on bug fixes, like a home button issue, a bug that caused the gallery app to crash and another problem that caused parts of the keyboard to become unresponsive.

While it does seems like Samsung is thoroughly working its way towards a full One UI release it likely won’t hit the masses until sometime in February, according to 9to5Google. 

Source: 9to5Google