Lifesum integrates with Google Assistant to make it easier to track your health

The app isn't really helpful when you're in a noisy restaurant though

Healthy living app Lifesum has integrated itself with Google Assistant, making it easier to log and track dietary habits.

Lifesum says on its FAQ page that the new feature will let users “track food, water or weight, get an update or request a challenge by using your voice.”

Users can say things like “I had a small lunch,” or “Add a large dinner,” when tracking meals.

Small, medium or large meals will be added to your diary as a placeholder in your phone, which you can then add details to later.

Lifesum says this means a certain “amount of calories” will be added to your log for that day in the app and the number of calories depends on settings made to determine what a small, medium or large meal is for each user.

Users can also say commands like “Add a glass of water,” or “Track 3 glasses of water,” and when tracking weight, users can say “I weigh 75kg,” or “Track a weight of 150 pounds.”

Users trying to keep track of their health goals can check their status as well and also request workout or eating challenges, according to Lifesum.

Source: Lifesum Via: Android Police