Samsung has announced four new Bots at CES 2019

Samsung has announced Bot, a number of robots that can help their users with a variety of topics.

Samsung Bot Care is a robot that can help users manage their health, Bot Air can help purify the air, Bot Retail personalizes and streamlines the shopping experience and Samsung Gems help improves mobility and helps athletes train better.

At CES 2019, Samsung also showed a live demo of its Bot Care. During the demo, the care robot was asked “what do you have for us today?” and it replied that it’s here to talk about the future of AI companions. Additionally, it proceeded to mention that it’s here to make it easy to check the user’s daily Health routines and can check vital signs, blood pressure and heart rate.

Onstage, Bot Care was able to check blood pressure by saying “Samsung Bot Care, can I check my vitals?”

Samsung Bot Care can also monitor sleep, provide music therapy, show a stretching guide. If it realizes that there is an emergency, Bot Care will call 9-1-1.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Samsung for Canadian availability of the Bots.