There are over 23,620 EVs in Canada and only 5,841 charging stations

Canadians are starting to jump on the EV train

There are 23,620 electric vehicles (EV) and 5,841 charging stations across Canada, according to a new report compiled by British financial services firm Go Compare.

Go Compare collected data for 30 countries that are part of the International Energy Agency (IEA). The data comes from The European Alternative Fuels Observatory an Global EV Outlook. All of the information is accurate up to the end of 2017, according to Go Compare.

While Canada’s EV market is growing, it still has a long way to go if it wants to move up the international rankings.

China has the most EVs within its borders with a hefty 1,227,770 vehicles. The U.S. comes in second with 762,060 EVs.

If you scale these figures down to just battery-run cars instead of including hybrids, the numbers drop considerably.

China’s numbers drop to 951,190 EVs, while the U.S. numbers fall to 401,550 EVs.

Canada Ranks ninth in terms of battery-run vehicles, with 22,330 battery-only EVs.

In Canada, 5,168 of the country’s 5,841 charging stations are fast-charge capable. Go Compare didn’t note whether those 5,168 chargers are comprised of both level two and three chargers or just level three chargers.

By comparison, Go Compare found that there are 11,948 regular gas stations in the country.

Canada still has a ways to go in terms of charging infrastructure, but the good news is that both public and private entities are working to improve the situation.

While 5,841 seems like a lot of stations, it’s one station for every four to five EVs. The number also means that there is fewer than one charging station for every 100km of road in Canada.

Canada is notably one of the few countries with more fast-charging stations compared to slow charge stations.

For comparison, China has four stations per every 100 km which makes sense since it also has 213,903 chargers — the most in the world.

The US has fewer than one charger per 100km as well, even though it has 45,868 chargers.

Source: Go Compare