Google’s new search feature wants to help you pick up where you left off

Search will show users activity cards with links and past search results about related topics

Google is hoping to make it easier to return to searches with a new activities card.

Targeted at helping people with “ongoing search journeys,” these activity cards will pop-up above search results when you search for the same or similar topics. The cards contain links and information to help retrace your past searches or discover new, relevant information.

Activity cards will work with topics like cooking, interior design, fashion, skin care and beauty, fitness, photography and more.

For example, if you look up how to cook salmon, the activity card may surface a recipe for cedar plank salmon you’ve enjoyed before.

Further, users can save results in their activity cards to a collection by pressing and holding on a result. Users can access collections via the overflow menu in the top right corner on the web, or through the bottom bar in the Google app.

You can also delete items from your activity card by pressing and holding on them or turn off activity cards entirely by clicking the overflow menu.

Google says the new search feature will roll out on mobile web and in the Google app for U.S. English users. MobileSyrup has reached out to Google to confirm when the feature will make its way to Canada.

Source: Google