OnePlus provides opportunity for users to give feedback with survey

The 2018 OxygenOS Satisfaction Survey lets you tell OnePlus how well its Android skin works for you

OnePlus’ OxygenOS Android fork is easily one of the better third-party skins on the market, and the company wants to keep it that way. As such, OnePlus has rolled out its 2018 OxygenOS Satisfaction Survey to ensure users are happy with its software.

OnePlus global product operations manager Manu J. posted the survey via the official OnePlus forums.

The survey consists of seven questions concerning user satisfaction with things like new features added to OxygenOS to the time it takes to fix bugs.

Additionally, the survey caps off with a section for users to make suggestions or requests.

Overall, it’s a quick survey to do an gives you a chance to provide feedback and input to improve OxygenOS going forward.

You can access the survey yourself here.

Source: OnePlus Via: 9to5Google


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