Amazon now has 30 million active Fire TV users

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Amazon has announced that its Fire TV streaming device has amassed 30 million active users.

The e-commerce giant confirmed the milestone to CNET at the Consumer Electronics Show, which is the most recent update on Fire TV users since the 25 million users reported in October.

In an interview, Amazon’s head of Fire TV Marc Whitten added that the company expects that this number will soon grow even more.

“We’re still in the middle of the ‘buy’ to ‘turn on’ period” from the holiday shopping season, Whitten told CNET.

The 30 million Fire TV users figure puts Amazon’s streaming device ahead of rival Roku, which estimated last week that it has 27 million active users.

There are a few notable differences between each company’s streaming device offerings, however.

Roku defines an active account as an account that has streamed at least one piece of content in the past 30 days. Amazon, however, hasn’t clarified its definition of an active account.

Further, Amazon’s Fire devices work in 80 countries, while Roku’s only run in 23 countries.

Source: CNET


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