Whirlpool concept oven has an AR display to help with cooking

Whirlpool hopes the oven will make cooking as easy as possible

U.S. home appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has created a smart oven with an augmented reality (AR) display in the door.

Dubbed the ‘Connected Hub Wall Oven,’ the device packs a transparent 27-inch display, so users can view what’s cooking.

The display’s main draw is that it also shows recipes, cooking instructions and pictures of food to help cooks nail their meals, according to The Verge.

The AR screen also shows the oven’s interior temperature.

The Verge said that the oven will suggest different item placement in the cooking space to make sure things cook optimally.

Inside the oven, there’s a camera that can zoom to let cooks inspect their food without opening the oven door.

There are some other smart features that Whirlpool added to the Hub Wall Oven. For example, users will also be able to view their calendars, letting the oven selects meals that will fit into time allocated for dinner.

The big question is how long will a display like this can last being so close to extreme heat. Since household appliances typically last longer than computers and smartphones the screen will have to last a long time.

Source: The Verge, Whirlpool