Tesla to discontinue 75kWh battery Model S and Model X variants next week

Tesla is restructuring the Model S and X's pricing model

Starting on Monday, January 14th, Tesla will stop selling the 75 kWh versions of the Model X and the Model S, according to a recent tweet from Elon Musk.

Since Musk shared the news, there hasn’t been much more in the way of new information related to the move, but the executive did say customers who want one of the soon-to-be-discontinued models, should do so before the end of Sunday, January 13th.

Twitter user Alistair Gray responded to Musk’s tweet to ask if Tesla plans to offer the Model S and X in the same trims as the Model 3, to which Musk answered, “yes.”

Consumers can purchase the Model 3 in “Mid Range Battery,” “Long Range Battery” and “Performance” trim options.

It’s unclear if this means that the 75 kWh model (marketed as the 75D) will return with a new name or if another mid-range option will replace it. There are other options too: Engadget theorizes that perhaps the standard 100D models will get a price drop to fill the bottom slot.

Ideally, something will happen if Tesla removes the 75 kWh models. If it doesn’t, the cheapest Model S will be the 100D that costs $124,600 CAD and the most accessible Model X will cost $127,700 (75D costs $109,200).

Since Tesla still offers the much cheaper Model 3, it might rely on the removal of the low-cost Model S and X to push drivers to buy the Model 3 instead.

Source: Elon Musk, Engadget