Shaw is Canada’s second-fastest ISP according to latest Speedtest.net numbers

Canada has the world's seventh-fastest download speeds

An image showing the results of a Speedtest

Calgary-based regional service provider Shaw reportedly doubled its broadband internet speeds overnight, improving Canada’s global Speedtest rank from 16th place in November 2018 to seventh place in December 2018.

According to a January 23rd, 2019 Speedtest.net blog post, Shaw’s improved internet speeds increased the country’s average download speed from 91.05Mbps to 108.75Mbps almost overnight.

Shaw’s improved broadband internet also moved the internet service provider (ISP) from third-place to second-place nationally.

According to Speedtest.net’s December 2018 numbers, Toronto-based Rogers still offers the fastest broadband internet download speeds in Canada, averaging 146.08Mbps in December 2018.

Shaw provided subscribers with average download speeds of 136.71Mbps, improving from the 82.78Mbps download speeds it offered in November 2018.

Shaw’s improved performance meant that Montreal-based Bell moved from second-place to third-place, offering subscribers average download speeds of 103.33Mbps.

Vancouver-based ISP Telus — which only offers broadband internet in Alberta and British Columbia — is the country’s fourth-fastest service provider, offering average download speeds of 69.59Mbps.

Quebec-based Videotron maintained its fifth-place position, with average download speeds of 59.30Mbps.

Speedtest.net reported that Calgary residents have access to the fastest download speeds in the country, thanks to Shaw averaging speeds of 143.66Mbps.

Winnipeggers enjoyed the second-fastest download speeds in December 2018, thanks to Shaw’s 138.20Mbps average in the city.

Prior to December 2018, Rogers subscribers in London, Ontario boasted the fastest internet download speeds in Canada. However, Speedtest.net reported that Londoners with Rogers averaged downloads of 121.18Mbps.

Source: Speedtest.net