iOS 12.2 developer beta indicates Apple adding new magazine sub service to News app

Could Apple be planning to release an all-in-one subscriptions service including news, magazines and video content


It looks like along with bringing Apple News to Canada at some point next week, the tech giant also plans to soon integrate a magazine subscription service in the news aggregation platform.

Rumours regarding the launch of an all-in-one subscription service that includes magazines, Apple News and even video content, have been swirling since Apple acquired Texture back in March 2018, a platform partially owned by Rogers at the time.

Now that Apple’s iOS 12.2 developer beta is out in the wild, images of the landing page for this rumoured service have surfaced. The new platform is called Apple News Magazines, according to 9to5Mac.

The publication says that the service is set to be linked to users’ iTunes Store accounts similar to Apple Music. Further, 9to5Mac says there are also multiple mentions of a ‘bundle subscription’ in iOS 12.2, further hinting Apple likely has plans to release an all-in-one media platform that includes magazines, news, and even video content.

In the image uncovered by 9to5Mac, magazines such as Vogue, Shape and Bon Appétit are featured. Information related to the pricing of the still rumoured magazine service remains unknown.

It’s unclear when this news will be confirmed and made public, but we do know that Apple News is set to launch in Canada next week, according to a The Canadian Press report.

Though only briefly mentioned in The Canadian Press’ story regarding Apple News’ impending Canadian launch, the publication states that new organizations will be able to charge subscription fees through Apple’s news aggregation platform.

The cut Apple takes from subscriptions added to its news aggregation platform, however, remains unknown.

Given Apple is reportedly still planning to release the wireless AirPower charging mat, AirPods 2 and launch its often-rumoured video streaming platform, there’s a possibility the tech giant could be planning an event for March.

Source: 9to5Mac, The Canadian Press, The Information