Galaxy S10 is compatible with Samsung’s Gear VR headset

Mostly forgotten but clearly not dead yet

Gear VR

For at least one more generation of smartphones, Samsung will continue to support its Gear VR headset.

In a statement to The Verge, a company spokesperson confirmed Gear VR is compatible with the Galaxy S10.

“Yes, the latest model Gear VR will work. Gear VR comes with an adapter that will work with the S10,” they said.

Moreover, in a separate statement to Road to VR, Samsung confirmed Gear VR is compatible with all four variants of the S10.

The above is, in fact, an improvement over what Samsung offered with the Note 9, which, while it was technically compatible with Gear VR, required an adapter Note 9 owners had to contact Samsung to mail them.

Once a major focus for Samsung, mobile virtual reality has clearly taken a back seat for the South Korean firm. While Samsung announced a variety of different devices at its latest Unpacked event, including new two new smartphones, as well as a variety of new wearables, the company didn’t once mention virtual reality.

Source: The Verge, Road to VR