Sobeys bringing automated warehouse for grocery delivery service to the GTA

Empire Company Limited has announced ‘Voilà by Sobeys,’ an upcoming online grocery home delivery service for the Greater Toronto Area.

‘Voilà by Sobeys’ will launch in 2020 and aims to help Canadians balance their busy lives.

The model of the delivery system is based around automated warehouses, which are designed to be efficient and reliable.

“We are building automated warehouses specifically designed for best-in-class home delivery based on a highly successful model from the U.K.,” said Sarah Joyce, the senior vice president of e-commerce at Empire, in a press release.

The service will offer up to 39,000 products with prices comparable to Sobeys and IGA. Customers will be able to order fresh produce through the delivery service.

A second grocery delivery service called ‘Voilà par IGA’ will launch in Montreal in 2021.

“When selecting future locations we consider size of market, population density and potential for growth,” said Joyce.

The two warehouses will potentially bring about 1,500 jobs to the GTA and Montreal, according to Empire.

Source: CNW