Former Imax exec joins Toronto VR startup Dark Slope

Scarygirl VR

Former Imax executive Eyal Kleiner has joined the Toronto-based virtual reality startup Dark Slope as head of business & corporate development.

Dark Slope focuses on creating location-based VR experiences, an area in which Kleiner has some experience.

Kleiner worked in Imax’s emerging technologies division for four years and last headed operations at Imax Home Entertainment, which oversaw now-shuttered VR centres in cities such as Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.

During this time, Kleiner also struck up partnerships with companies in the VR space, such as Google, HTC and Oculus.

Eyal Kleiner

At Dark Slope, Kleiner will hold a similar role, looking to sign global partnerships and expand the company.

So far, Dark Slope has created one VR experience, Scarygirl Mission Maybee, based on the Scarygirl graphic novel from Australian artist Nathan Jurevicious. Mission Maybee is playable at Dark Slope’s Toronto location, as well as nearly 30 centres in 18 countries operated by VR company Zero Latency.

Image credit: Dark Slope 

Via: Variety