LG Display temporarily halts OLED panel production for upcoming iPhones

LG Display has temporarily stopped operations at its E6-1 manufacturing facility, which was expected to roll out OLED displays for this year’s iPhones.

The manufacturing facility is facing technological hurdles, according to South Korea’s The Investor.

LG Display may start production E6-2, its secondary display manufacturing facility, as a result of the problems. Production at the secondary facility was originally slated to start after production at E6-1.

Apple had previously been solely dependent on Samsung for the supply of OLED screens. The company has been working on bringing LG on as a second supplier, so as to reduce its dependence on Samsung. It reportedly paid the company $2.7 billion for a production line focused solely on Apple orders.

The E6-1 and E6-2 do not use the same equipment at both facilities. The E6-1 facility uses LG’s equipment, while the E6-2 uses U.S. firm Kateeva’s.

Source: The Investor Via: 9t05Mac