HTC Vive Pro Eye now available in Canada for $2,149 CAD

HTC Pro Eye

HTC has launched its Vive Pro Eye virtual reality headset in Canada.

At $2,149 CAD, the device features high-end eye-tracking technology. Given its steep price tag, HTC isn’t positioning the Vive Pro Eye as a consumer device, but rather, for enterprise use.

According to the company, companies in industries like training and simulation, consumer feedback and analytics and gaze-oriented navigation are already using the Vive Pro Eye.

With its advanced eye-tracking technology, the Vive Pro Eye can simulate all kinds of real-life scenarios and provide feedback accordingly. The headset also supports Unity and Nvidia technology to help developers work with the device.

In addition to businesses, HTC says these features can help boost ease-of-use in VR arcades and other location-based entertainment venues.

More information on the device can be found here.