Musical puzzle game OCO is a must play [Game of the Week]

This platformer's funky aesthetic is a great plus along with its tight gameplay

If you’re looking for a quick hit puzzle game that’s not a connect-three-type game like Candy Crush, look no further than OCO.

You can play this musical puzzle game in one hand, and its mind-bending levels are challenging, fun and incredibly satisfying to beat.

The game provides players with a unique audio-visual experience as they traverse each course. The game’s soundtrack is procedurally generated based upon the action that the player takes.

Each level has a thumping bass track, then your movements layer a variety of electronic synth sounds on top of that. You don’t need to play the game with volume on, but it adds to the experience.


The central premise is to move your block in a circular motion around the course, which is also a circle, to collect yellow blocks.

To understand the game and how the playable block moves, I first need to mention that the centre of the circular course has a gravitational pull. You can jump with a single tap, but gravity always pulls you back down to earth.

The playable block automatically moves around the circle as well. If you run into a wall you start moving in the opposite direction.

There are different coloured sections of the course that provide special abilities to shake things up. For example, a light blue segment triples your jump height and a green section bosts your speed.

There are 135 levels in the game with a promise of more coming in 2020.

Since the game has a built-in level creator, you can play levels that other players have constructed. On top of that, there’s also a pretty tricky ‘daily’ level every 24 hours.

Overall, I love this game. Its addictive gameplay and funky art style/soundtrack make it a joy to play.

You can download OCO for free on iOS and Android. Every once and a while, the game tosses you into a 30-second unskippable ad, but you can pay $3.49 on Android and $2.79 in iOS to remove them.