Google Home now makes a great bedtime story companion

Kristen Bell Google Home

Through a promotional video starring Kristen Bell, the actress received recognition for voicing Princess Anna in Frozen, Google Home has become a better bedtime story sidekick.

In partnership with Disney, Google Home can play sound effects and music for a late night storytelling session. It even recognizes where you are in the story and adds a bit of theatre accordingly.

Furthermore, jumping across or repeating a chapter won’t confuse Google Home since it follows you throughout the journey using its microphone and software. If you pause, background music will take over hoping to keep the mood going until you resume.

Three Little Golden Books—“The Lion King,” “Aladdin,” and “Frozen” — are compatible with the new bedtime story enhancement. Costumes are not included.

Google also re-emphasized that the new Google Home feature also works through Home Link. It’s an Android-exclusive parental monitoring app that can grant younglings permission to access Google Home. If allowed, kids may enjoy a solo bedtime story with the added atmosphere without bothering their parents.

Source: Google