Best Buy discounts Lenovo Smart Display by $130

Best Buy Canada has discounted the 10-inch Lenovo Smart Display by $130, making the device, typically priced at $329, a flat $200 before tax.

Note that the model Best Buy has discounted is the 10-inch variant, not the smaller 8-inch unit, the latter of which typically retails for $260. Besides being physically bigger, the 10-inch model features an attractive bamboo back, which makes it a good fit for kitchens. The sale is active until July 4th.

The Lenovo Smart Display was the first smart display to launch with Google Assistant. If you’re torn between it and the Nest Hub. The former includes a front-facing camera (with a physical shutter for privacy) and a more powerful, clearer-sounding speaker.

With Google yet to say when it plans to release the Nest Hub Max in Canada, the 11-inch Lenovo Smart Display is one of the few options for Canadian consumers who want a full-sized smart display. At $130 off, it’s also a decent deal, though if you just want to buy a smart display at an affordable price, the Nest Hub is currently $129, down from $169.

Source: Best Buy