Google to move Night Sight to main UI of Pixel Camera app

The newest release of Google’s Camera app will make Night Sight, the Pixel’s low-light capture mode, easier to access, according to 9to5Google.

The website was able to obtain a leaked version of the fifth Android Q beta, which includes the newest release of the Google Camera app, version 6.3.

In the current release of the Google Camera app, Pixel owners access Night Sight by navigating to the ‘More’ tab located to the right of the main capture modes. Alternatively, it’s possible to access Night Sight if the phone detects that the user is attempting to take a photo of a dark scene, in which case a prompt will appear, allowing you to quickly switch to the mode.

In 6.3, by contrast, Night Sight takes the place of the Panorama mode, making it two swipes away. Obviously, this makes one of the Pixel camera’s best features more accessible — and, just as importantly more visible to new users.

As part of 6.3, Google has also removed the option for users to manually select white balance between several different presets. Presumably, Google’s goal here was to further simplify its camera app at the expense of some utility.

9to5Google speculates it’s possible Google could release 6.3 alongside Android Q or push it earlier via the Play Store.

Source: 9to5Google