Samsung introduces its new 2019 ‘Samsung Flip’ digital whiteboard

Samsung has introduced the 2019 ‘Samsung Flip,’ a digital whiteboard that focuses on design, convenience and the pen.

This year’s Flip has some exciting new features. The board can recognize the thickness of anything you chose to use it with, which means that it can register the difference between a pen and a paint brush.

Which is probably one of the most notable features, is the new brush mode. Brush mode allows the Flip to recognize a paintbrush and will enable users to draw digital paintings. Users will even have the choice to oil paint or water paint with the board simulating either style of painting.

There’s also a ‘Selection Tool’ and ‘Merge to Roll’  features for editing are also available within the Samsung Flip.

Sharing pictures on the board is quite easy, and users can quickly check their work on their mobile device with the ‘To-Mobile’ functionality. You can also connect the Flip to a larger display with the screen share feature, or use an HDMI cable.

Flip also has a Remote PC function that allows users to access their desktop or laptops from the digital whiteboard to view and edit data.

While wall-mounted, the Flip has no gap, which allows the device to sport a sleek and clean appearance.