Xiaomi says it ‘accidentally’ uploaded an Apple ad to promote Mimoji


Last week, when Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi announced its latest smartphone, the Mi CC9, it also introduced Mimoji.

A variety of onlookers were quick to note the resemblance between Mimoji and Apple’s Memoji. At the time, it was possible to give Xiaomi the benefit of the doubt, if you were so inclined. Now, however, it seems clear the company went out of its way to copy Apple.

On Friday, a Weibo user spotted that on the Mi CC9’s product page, Xiaomi had uploaded an Apple Music ad that features DJ Khalid performing ‘Talk.’ According to Xiaomi’s public relations team, its staff “uploaded the wrong content” to its websites by accident.

Of course, no individual or company “accidentally” uploads an ad from one of their competitors and tries to pass it off as their own material. It’s only accidental when they’re caught, as Xiaomi was in this case.

As MacRumors points out, Xiaomi is no stranger to copying Apple’s devices and software. Just last year, the company released the Mi 8, an iPhone X copycat. If the phone’s resemblance to the iPhone X wasn’t it enough, it also cribbed Animoji.

Source: CX Live, Daring Fireball Via: MacRumors